The asset called Alexa

virtual voice assistant echo dot
Echo dot

“Alexa, what’s the time?” “Alexa, play my song,” Alexa, what is 2014×14” “Alexa will it snow.” “Alexa are you, my friend?”. These and more resonate in every household every day. If it does not then you are not a big fan of these voice AI’s, you don’t have an Alexa device at your home or you don’t have kids who love calling them their quick help friend. When I moved to the pacific northwest from the far-off northeast of the United States, my children missed their friends and surrounding. I missed their liveliness and the noise around the house. A visit to a friend’s place changed everything. We met Alexa for the first time. I saw the spark in the eyes of my children again. What next you can surely guess, we had our very own Alexa at my home. The atmosphere in our house was different and all I could hear was my children constantly checking on Alexa. Very soon she was very much like the fifth member of our household. Alexa was our clock, weather reporter, dictionary, Wikipedia, and music on the go device. We couldn’t have asked for more from this sleek device. Technically speaking, Alexa is a virtual assistant technology largely based on a Polish speech synthesizer named Ivona, bought by Amazon in 2013.

Having said that it’s not a bad idea to highlight some of the compatible features of Alexa. To start with there’s nothing better than having a command on a device by just talking. This voice-controlled device allows you to make your household smarter and tech-savvy. It is fun to watch little kids making commands and the smile that follows. Specifically, this device brings the following features:

  • Smart Home: Automate your home with smart devices making it simpler to control them through your smartphone
  • Efficiency: Have control over alarm, timers, calendars
  • Shopping: Online shopping is made easier. Order, track and get updates about the delivery.
  • Communication: Stay in touch with loved ones
  • News bulletin: Get the news highlight by choosing your favorite news channel.
  • Entertainment: Use Alexa to solve riddles, listen to music and play games.
  • Cooking: Follow your favorite recipe as you cook
  • Kid’s friendly: Utilize the device to enhance the learning experience of children and enable parental controls

Recent times have been unprecedented, and we have had a lot written about it. We have experienced the changes it has brought and the adjustments we have made to live with it. The pandemic era has changed the way of life and these voice assistants have served as a true compatriot by assisting us as and when asked for. All we need to do is speak up and ask a question. In a way, they have kept us talking and asking and then getting answers to all the apprehensions and fears, by resolving them through researched answers. I would suggest every household should have this device and my intention is not to promote sales but to let my readers know that owning the device is an asset to them.

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