Pink, purple, and blue…..

Photo by Anni Roenkae on

Yes, you are right. These are just colors, different from each other. But are they just colors or are they representative of something else? No need to struggle so much you are on the right track. While raising my two children, a girl, and a boy, even I was also tempted to buy pink and purple stuff for my daughter and blue ones for my son. I always used to think that why this differentiation on the basis color. There was a change in me, and I started buying my daughter blue toys and clothes too. And why not, I did not want to limit my daughter to think that she can not wear clothes that were any thing other than pink and purple. For my son, I continued to buy blue and other acceptable colors for boy’s green, red, brown, black, grey, and even yellow and orange but never pink or purple.

Now, my kids are grown up, they chose things of their own. My daughter loves every color except pink and purple and my son wants to buy a pink shirt just for a change. I just keep thinking why I ever restricted the colors they can have in their life. It is their life. Why cannot they decide? If my son comes to me asking Mom, why do you not let me buy a pink shirt. I have my answers ready now. I will tell him of coz you can buy a pink shirt, and it will look good on you. But to tell you the truth, my son still does not have a pink shirt. He never bought it.

One day a boy told his Mom, “Mama, I love pink dolls, I like playing with girls, I want to paint my nails, can I buy a purple sweatshirt.” Mom was stunned. She looked at her son and told him, I love you my son and I am proud of you. You do not differentiate on the basis of colors. You are special and you have the right to choose what you want.

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