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Robotics is the creation of science, engineering and technology. All these aspects combine to present the world with machines called robots. They are intended to perform like humans and are termed as artificial intelligence. They can work only when programmed to perform different actions. Broadly, it comprise of five primary areas:

  1. Mobility or Locomotion
  2. Operator Interface
  3. Manipulators and effectors
  4. Programming
  5. Sensing and Perception

The use of robots has become common sight not only in engineering but also in day to day life. In recent times robots acted like the frontline workers by taking over the repetitive tasks of doctors. The basic structure of all robots rely on its structure which has to be sturdy to perform the tasks for which it is built. Then comes the power to move it which comes from a battery or electrical connection. Despite having a strong built and structure, a robot will not budge until guided by computer programming.

Robots can be of different types based on their usage. They can look and behave differently depending on the programming. They have been categorized into five types:

  1. Pre-programmed robots: These types of robots are used on controlled environment where they are subjected to repetitious tasks.
  2. Humanoid robots: As the name suggests, these robots copy human behavior. They are even designed to look like humans.
  3. Autonomous Robots: These robots are designed to work without human intervention. The Roomba vacuum cleaner is the most popular example.
  4. Teleoperated Robots: These robots are controlled by humans but are meant to operate in extreme conditions.
  5. Augmenting Robots: These kinds of robots are used in the medical field to improve human capabilities.

Robotics has made its presence felt even in unthinkable area and has made tremendous contribution to making many repetitive tasks simpler. It is engineered and devised by the humans and has changed the way we live our lives everyday.

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